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Erb města

The first mention of Trebic date from around the year 1101, when there was founded a Benedictine monastery. Třebíč is situated on both banks of the river Jihlava and have fairly soon after its establishment was called out of town. Benedictine origins influenced the appearance of the city's coat of arms - contains three monastic hood Benedictine monks.

Zámek s bazilikou

Current Třebíč offers many valuable historical monuments, most of them are from July 2003 the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the Basilica of St. Procopius, the Jewish Quarter and the Jewish cemetery.

For detailed information on sights and cultural events in the town is recommended to visit the official presentation of the city www.trebic.cz. Worth visiting is also a portal dedicated to tourist www.visittrebic.eu.

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